David Hare bio  

David Hare became interested In music early In his life. He began singing along with songs on the radio and in children's church Choir.   

In his early teens, during his middle school years, one of David's favorite activities was to sing along with his rock records. This led to his first experience singing with a local band at a neighborhood party.  David's friend who had heard him singing with records by Aerosmith, David Bowie, ELP, The Beatles, Queen, Yes, Tommy Bolin and others, told the band that David was a singer and asked if he could sing with them that night and the band members agreed. The following week, David was asked to join the band, and began playing professional gigs with them at local schools and at the youth center. David continued with his band mates during high school. During this time David began a musical friendship with another student, Chris Holmes, that he met while smoking in the boys bathroom. Chris had an old Gibson acoustic guitar that he was just starting to learn how to play.  

Chris was taking guitar lessons from a local musician named Edward Van Halen. Chris was getting pretty good, and David began singing with him. After high school David and Chris played together in a band called Buster Savage that was becoming popular playing big house parties, as were other local bands like Panzer, Snow with Carlos Cavazo, and Van Halen.  

Chris joined a band called W.A.S.P. and was signed to Capitol Records. David was accepted to and graduated from Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Shortly after his graduation, David was asked to front a band from New Zealand named RUSSIA. With RUSSIA, David performed on national TV, played many sold out shows, and received rave reviews from the press.  

The band decided to let the bass guitarist go then meet up in the US and find a replacement. David and the drummer flew back to the US, but to their disappointment the guitarist and keyboardist decided to remain in New Zealand. David studied the craft of lyric writing with K.A. Parker upon returning to Los Angeles. Shortly there after he found himself living in Ventura, California working a full time day job while singing in a reformed original band called 805, an acoustic duo, and a cover band. During a gig with his cover band Dusty Rose, he shared the stage with legendary vocalist, Terry Reid. During this time he also became friends with Tito Jackson of The Jackson Five, also The Jackson's and Tito loaned David his rhinestone jacket from the Victory Tour.  

David moved to Hollywood, CA where he began learning to accompany himself on guitar and write songs on his own. Although he enjoys collaboration, this was liberating for him, and soon he was performing solo gigs around Hollywood. Shortly after that he performed a solo show back in Ventura, CA, at the Ventura Theater opening for Randy Meisner from The Eagles. Around the same time David began to study songwriting formally with Jai Josefs, author of Writing Music For Hit Songs.  

He then met Swedish bassist Bjorn Englen who had been touring with Quiet Riot and asked David to sing for his original band Soul Sign. They enjoyed getting out and performing quickly after rehearsing for just a short couple weeks. During this time David was asked by Johnnie Bolin (Black Oak Arkansas, DVC, Dare Force) to join him and sing with a band featured at the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame for his late brother Tommy Bolin's induction ceremony. This was a big honor for David as Tommy Bolin had a big musical influence on him.  

David also performed at several other annual Tommy Bolin Festivals singing with the tribute bands that included Johnnie Bolin, Stanley Sheldon (Peter Frampton, Tommy Bolin, Delbert McClinton) and Bobby Berge (Buddy Miles, Tommy Bolin, Black Irish). Bjorn got a gig with guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. David released an eleven song album called Demonstration. He performed songs from the CD opening for Tito Jackson's blues band during an east coast tour. He then produced and released two music videos for songs from his CD.  

He then moved to Sioux City, IA briefly, during which time David performed again at another Tommy Bolin Festival and was joined during his set by Bobby Berge. After a personal set back, he moved to Las Vegas, NV and got back on his feet. Soon he was performing again. While living in Sin City, David met another songwriter Heather Romero. There was an immediate creative chemistry. They wrote several songs together before relocating to Nashville, TN. Where they continued to write and demo their songs. 

David is still living in Music City. Recently, he has released a 5 song EP called Angel Over My Shoulder. He produced  a music video for Dreamer the first song on the EP.  He's been recording additional songs for a full album that he plans to release soon. David is very excited with the progress on this solo project.  David foresees a lot of doing getting done.